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Not watching TVD tonight

Not tuning in to the season 5 premiere and  hope that it’s the lowest rated opening of any season for TVD.  If JP thinks that she can treat Bonnie like crap and treat her like she is less of a character than the others, refusing to give her any  other love interest outiside of Jeremy/Jamie. While ignoring what Bonnie fans want. If she thinks that she can do all of that and still get Bonnie/Bamon fans to tune in loyally every week she has another thing coming.

I’ll spend tonight giving my ratings to shows who deserve them like Grey’s  and Scandal. 

JP recycling mess for Beremy

JP needs to stop fronting like she is suddenly invested in Beremy. It’s like the writers said “Hey Bonnie is dead what other choice do we have but to have her interact with the main and only person who can see Dead people”.   And JP is recycling storylines with Jeremy bonding with a dead chick like he bonded with Anna after she died.  Really Jeremy can only rekindle relationships after the female has died?

JP didn’t consider reuniting Beremy while Bonnie was alive but is doing now because Bonnie is dead and  it’s like they have to do Beremy by default for as long as Bonnie is dead because no one else (that we know of besides Silas) can interact with her. Bonnie has to be isolated from other characters  for Bonnie to grow closer.  I guess if  you only had the chance to interact with one person that you would get  closer with that person since you wouldn’t have the chance to develop relationships with other people.

It’s stupid how they are  putting Beremy together.  Nothing against Jeremy but it’s boring if he is the main one that Bonnie gets to interact with during most of the season.   I wouldn’t even want Damon to be the only one that she could interact with.  Even if Bamon happened I would what her to interact with the entire cast of characters.

Don’t think I will be tuning in to TVD this season unless I see a legit spoiler for Bonnie or Bamon and unless the overall writing for the show improves.

The Worst thing about the Triangle.

Is JP ignoring the fact that Elena is like Katherine playing both brothers.  I RME when Elena mentions how Kat has hurt or used Damon/Stefan because she is doing the same thing.   JP can try to gloss over it and pretend like Elena is different or make excuse about Elena’s feelings. But the fact is that Elena is as bad a Kat is and in some cases worse because she won’t acknowledge  her she is playing both brothers.

She treated Stefan like crap in season 4 and that will be ignored and Stefan will be made to look like the bad guy.  Elena wants the brothers to put up with her back and forth all of the time. She lusted for Damon while with Stefan and even though DE is happening and might last for a  few episodes it will only be a  matter of time before she starts to show  romantic feelings for Stefan again and before her and STefan have romantic interactions/moments.

JP is appealing to DE fans right now but she is too obsessed with the triangle and keeping it going.  The writers want to keep both DE/SE fanbases invested in the show so  season 5 will eventually have SE back together in some form.

JP will try to sugar coat Elena’s actions but her character still  looks bad. The longer that this triangle goes on the  worse Elena looks.  IF you are going to have Elena go back and forth stop trying to whitewash people into believing that her is not doing anything wrong or that she is not acting  like Kat did.  Have ELena own up to what she is doing.

If SE gets back together it should be Elena the one who works to get Stefan back because she did him wrong.

Bonnie can’t protect herself?

Don’t know who made this comment but the last time I checked it’s Bonnie putting herself on the line to protect and save  Elena and Bonnie who is doing spells to save the vampires.  Bonnie who even without magic has saved lives like when she pulled Matt out of the water so whoever made this statement is not paying attention to the show or is a clear Bonnie hater. Bonnie not only protects herself but she has protected and saved others time and time again.

Let me guess JP wants us to see Damon lashing out as his poor soul being so hurt and upset that he lashes out at Matt. Or that his “love” for Elena is so strong that this is him attacking Matt because he is blinded by anger over Elena being a vampire? If that is what JP is going for than FAIL because all Damon is doing is looking like an ass and stupid for attacking someone who had no control over what happened.

I like Damon but when he does asshole like this I will speak on it. Stop ruining characters  Julie.

It’s funny that some on the Fandom don’t give Bonnie credit for saving the vampires lives time and time again, hating on her and wanting her dead despite her saving the lives of their favs. They complain about the so called “Bad” things that Bonnie does but ignore that she saves their favs lives. But the minute she walked out on Damon’s ass in 3x18 she gets called a bitch (Ignoring the fact that Bonnie calling Elena is the main reason that Damon was saved from that situation). If you don’t give her credit for the other times that she saved Damon why get mad because she walked out? Bonnie could have used her magic or her bare hands to get Damon out of those traps and haters will still find a reason to complain. Hope that she refuses to help at least once in season 4 it’s not like her haters appreciate her saving their favs anyway.

It really shows Julie’s fuckery with the Bonnie character with how the actors on the show have more than once come out with comments supporting Bonnie with their characters, but JP insists on keeping Bonnie in a backburnered relationship with Jamie. It’s like she’s doing everything she can to keep Bonnie away from the main cast. Yet she wants us to believe that she cares for the Bonnie character? That’s BS

You can make the claim that there are other witches all you want to. Bonnie is more unique in that she’s the only main witch around in a town filled with vampires and more vampires every season.  There’s also the fact that she and not some other witches are the reason why every single vampire on the show is still alive right now.

Bonnie is special just because  JP writes like crap for Bonnie doesn’t make her any less special.

When Julie claims that the triangle is not the main focus or what’s driving the show.

Is that why you keep trying to find ways to prolong the triangle?  Is that why you talk about Elena’s “feelings” for Damon and vise versa and how it’s going to play out next season while at the same time talk about Elena’s feelings  for and connection to Stefan?  Is that why ever season there is so much focus on who’s Elena’s going to pick and her being torn between the brothers? IS that why so much of Elena’s storyline has been and will be surrounding her feelings for both brothers and how she can’t let neither of them go?

Is that why there’s so many promo pictures every season with just the three characters in the Triangle? (Clearly showing that it’s a big deal for producers) The triangle is not driving the show when you make excuses to keep the triangle going even though many are tired of it by now?

Stop talking Julie and take that bull shit lie some where else.

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