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My take on an interview based off Ian’s love for Bamon

Interviewer:  How do you feel about season 6?

Ian: Wonderful!  I can’t wait for Bamon to happen.

Interviewer:  What about Damon and…

Ian: Bonnie? Oh they are the perfect fit. Cut from the same cloth.

Interviewer: I was going to say Damon and Elena.

Ian: I rather talk about Bamon

Interviewer:  What about Damon’s relationship with Stefan?  

Ian:  I hope that they can bond with a girl no longer coming between them. Besides it would be awesome for Stefan to be the best man when Damon marries Bonnie!

Interviewer:  So you would like a Bamon marriage?

Ian: Yep. Followed by witch babies!

Interviewer: Some people still love lost. How do you feel about that?”

Ian smiles:  Lost was on an island.  Bamon hugged on an island.”

Interviewer:  Have anything else to discuss besides Bamon?”

Ian: What else is there?”





Interviewer Alright what else do u have to say about Bamon?

Ian: As I was saying they are amazing!….”

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