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Don’t tell me that Jeremy will cheat again….

After Bonnie gave up her life, lost her magic and as a result has to go through pain because she is an anchor. Pain she would never have to go through if she didn’t die in the first place for Jeremy. Jeremy gets all riled up trying to defeat Liv from Damon while Bonnie was alone passing out from pain from the travelers going through her.

Jeremy has caused Bonnie more pain than Damon has either by his cheating or by Bonnie having to give up her life and well being for him.

Damon watches out for her more than the man who claims to love her does.

Delena the biggest joke couple in TV history.

JP’s desperation to force this couple goes to no ends and yet at the same time while the writers are feeding DE’s fanss what they want with one hand they are slapping them with the other.

Constant reminders of how Damon doesn’t love Elena enough “him almost killing her. Trying to kill Jeremy despite Elena’s pleas.”

Constant reminders od how Stelena is better. How Stefan is the better man and better brother. How Stefan’s love is stronger for Elena.

The writers are like “Yeah DE fans here is a sex scene. Here is Elena saying she loves Damon. BUT just remember that Stefan is better and that Stelena’s love will coquer eventually”. DE fans can’t enjoy their couple without Stefan/Stelena in every episode being compared at better.

Yet I’m suppose to buy DE as some great love? All of their scenes are a joke and forced. LOL

Damon saves Bonnie because he cares

and not for Elena or at least soley for Elena. I know some try to downplay when Damon watches out for Bonnie or saves her by saying it’s for Elena but it’s because he cares.

By that logic why hasn’t Damon’s “love” for Elena stop him from killing Jeremy more than once? He knows that Jeremy being dead would hurt Elena and yet attempted again to have him killed. His “love” for Elena didn’t even stop him from almost killing her.

Don’t recall Damon putting any real effort into trying to bring Jeremy Elena’s brother back when he died. But soon after he found out that Bonnie was dead he could not accept it and came up with a plan to bring her back.

Some want to downplay what Damon was for Bonnie because any hint of real feelings between them means that Bamon would have a chance. Damon out of everybody else on the show watches out for Bonnie.

It’s funny when Jeremy thought he could step to Damon like he could protect Bonnie and Damon wasn’t even threatning to hurt her. Yet Bonnie ends up having to bend over backwards once again to save weakening Jeremy. If it’s anyone who hurts Bonnie in a relationship it is her obsession with thinking that she has to save the Gilberts all of the time.

Bamon fans you are the coolest ever!

Really you are. Considering that we don’t get a lot of scenes I’m always impressed by the size of the Bamon fanbase! If Bamon really got a chance than this fanbase would grow and rival any of the biggest shipper bases around.

We are loyal to our couple. When we don’t get much we create it on our own with fan fictions and Man nips. Don’t give up on Bamon and let NO ONE discourage you. Bamon has to be kept apart because they would overshadow the ships JP likes to force.

Don’t listen when others than you that Bamon will never happen. If Klaus and Caroline can have something happen when they are on two different shows now,. Bamon still has hope!

Love you guys!

The more that the writers try to force the Gilberts

as love interest for Bonnie and Damon the more that I want Bamon to happen. And forcing something like we should have no choice but to accept makes me turn against the thing they are trying to force. First DE and noe Beremy. Just because the writers write something does not mean we have to blindly accept it and cheer for it.

I’m pretty sure that I will be a bamon fan for life!

Bringing up Damon ‘killing’ Abby

If this is in defense of Beremy or Jeremy than I’m sorry you really can’t talk. Because just saying Jeremy tried to stakes Abby in the heart and the only reason he didn’t was because Abby was quick enough to catch him.

Even though Damon was wrong so was Jeremy.  Trying to kill or seriously injure Abby because she had the nerve to want better for Bonnie than always running and risking her sef to save Elena’s behind. Yet Jeremy expects her to do it like she is ELena’s personal bodyguard.

Don’t want to hear any Jeremy defenders saying this because even though Damon was dead wrong he did keep Abby ‘alive’ byt turning her.  Jeremy could have killed Abby if the stake had hit his mark and why? Because he expects Bonnie to always run to save ELena and didn’t like the fact that Abby actually wanted Bonnie to put her well beings first  for once over Elena.

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